Newsmaker of the Year: Nurses rally afte

Newsmaker of the Year: Nurses rally after hostage-taking incident at Delnor in Geneva:”Nurses were present and making their voices heard on the lawn of the Kane County Judicial Center in St. Charles Township during the Stop Assaults On Medical Professionals Rally in August.
The nurses’ action was to call for workplace safety in their profession following a situation May 13 at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital where two nurses were taken hostage.”
#DelnorNurses #SMYS #SilentNoMore #NurseUp #ViolenceAgainstNurses

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Decided early on that there was a need for reliable healthcare information on the Internet. People more and more look online for reliable sources for Drugs, Medications, Diseases, Conditions, etc. Nurses and those interested in Nursing need quick access to associations, schools and helpful resources. The resulting site was Thought about all the questions I've been answering for patients, family members, neighbors and coworkers. Came up the with goal of providing easy access to resources on the web through our Nursefriendly Network of sites. Patients or family members, nurses or even doctors can come to my site and within a few clicks find nurse selected resources with the information they need. A website I've found, is much like a newspaper. As long as people are reading (or visiting), advertisers will pay to have their message seen. That's the income model I've chosen. To date, it's been a consistently profitable while providing a needed service to the public.
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