Tracy McClelland, RN, MSN, Ycarte Health Career Center, Georgia Nursing Entrepreneurs

Georgia Nursing Entrepreneurs, Tracy McClelland, RN, MSN, Ycarte Health Career Center, Nursefriendly Nursing & Healthcare Directories:

Nursefriendly Entrepreneur Registration Form

Your Name, Degrees Licenses: Tracy M. McClelland RN, MSN pursuing Doctorate of Business Adminstration in Healthcare Management and Leadership
Your Business Name: Ycarte Health Career Center, Nursing Success System

Business Organization? Nursing Success System is a division of Ycarte Health Career Center

Why did you choose this type of organization? Incorporated as an S-Corporation in the state of Georgia.

Please describe in detail your business/services you provide:
1st Business: Ycarte Health Career Center began as a nursing tutorial business to help tutor nursing in my community, and evolved into a group training for LPN’s trying to acquire their RN degree through home study.
We now offer many services listed below:

Tutoring for nurses and nursing students
Nursing Workshops for CE hours
Motivational Workshops
Certification for Nurse Aid Students
Clinical Medical Assistant Training
EKG Technician (New Class)
Phlebotomy (New Class)
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
BLS (Basic Life Support)
Safety Training for Corporations
NCLEX-Reviews for RN’s & LPNs
Remediation NCLEX Review (One- on- One)

Website for this business is and contact number is 866-384-8680

Second Business is : Tracy McClelland Enterprise, Inc.’s Nursing Success System

An entrepreneurial Certification Program for RNs that empowers them with the knowledge and tools to become Nursing Entrepreneurs.
In this Certification Program Nurses earn 20.6 Contact hours in a high energy 3-Day Live Seminar as they are shown the exact details required to become a Healthcareer Training Coordinator earning new credentials and being equipped with the skills needed to start their own business and become a 6-figure nurse. Nurses learn the elements to Start their own Health Career Training Center and love their new nursing career.

Interested Nurses should visit me at and contact Tracy McClelland at 866-384-8680 or email me at

Street Address: 1214 North Peterson Ave Suite P

City: Douglas

State/Province, (and country if not USA): Georgia

Zip Code: 31533

E-mail Address:

Homepage Address :

Type of business categories would you like to be listed:

Nurse Aid Training Provider
Nursing Entrepreneur
Professional Nurse
Motivational Speaker
Certification Program for Nurses
Continuing Education Provider
Brand New Career for Nurses
Nursing Educators

Existing categories are listed here:

Keywords, Phrases that describe your business, experience, services: The more you list the better.
Nursing Entrepreneur
Motivational speaker
Nursing Educators
Public Speaker

Contact person(s): Tracy M. McClelland

Phone number: 866-384-8680

In what date (month/year) did you start your business?
February 2006, Ycarte Health Career Center
May 2010, Nursing Success System

What Attracted You To The Field of Nursing?
Natural desire and ability to care for others

What is your experience and background in Nursing?
My experience in Nursing is in:

Adult Critical Care Nursing
Geriatrics Nurses

Intensive Care Unit (ICU),
Medical/Surgical Nursing,
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurses
Nursing Education and hosting Nursing Workshops
Pediatrics Nurses
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Nursing

Would you recommend Nursing as a career?
Absolutely, I am a nursing career advocate, can speak to the White House Staff, speaking comes natural.

How did you hear about the Nursefriendly,
Google search

The year were you first licensed as a nurse?
Licensed in Georgia in 1995

Professional organizations you belong to (please spell out the full name):
Georga Nurses Association (GNA),
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO),

What made you decide to start your own business?
The natural ability to initiate change and willingness to work long hours until the job was complete. I did this for the college, worked 60 hour weeks for 40 hour pay, was responsible for everything but received no recognition and no pay raise. After 4 years of teaching nursing and nursing in the hospital 15 years for such a low pay scale I realized I would have to take matters in my own hand to find my way to the wealth I desired.I am passionalte about my Nursing Entrepreneurial Career and desire to help nurses all over find the security, satisfaction in their nursing career as I have found. That’s why I created Nursing Success System, a system or method of conducting business that has already been proven to succeed.

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How many times have you changed employers in your career?

What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business?
Ability to multitask
Critical Thinking
Organizational skills
Prioritizing abilities
Caring and Compassion

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Do you currently practice as a nurse? If yes in what type of setting?
Clinical Educator Part-time Hospital Setting

Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare:
Limited views on governing and decision making by administration about the nurses they employ.

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    To choose nursing as career is a good option. In this occupation not only you will be satisfy in the job but also can earned more.

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