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Delayed Diagnosis, Legal Nurse Consultant, Lawyer/Attorney Resources, Legal Nurse Consultant Resources, Medical, Malpractice, Health Law:”One of the most common types of medical malpractice cases is misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer. This is particularly true of breast cancer, which, according to various reports, represents the largest segment of medical malpractice lawsuits in the U.S. One reason for this is the fact that breast cancer is so common relative to other forms of cancer.”

Legal Nurse Consultants Specializing in Cases of Delayed Diagnosis:


Donna M. Post, RN, BSN, MBA, HCM, CLNC, LNCP-C , Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc., California Nurse Entrepreneurs, Legal Nurse Consultants:”Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting has over 24 years of experience clinically and administratively, in cardiac, adult and pediatric critical care, and dialysis. Our experience extends to both the inpatient and outpatient settings. MVLNC provides effective identification of practice standards, regulatory standards, adherence and/or deviations to these standards. Our background provides our clients the added benefit of understanding healthcare infrastructure, budgets, and healthcare labor issues. This extensive experience allows for identification of medical and nursing issues in any case that involves health, illness and injury. The clients we serve are attorneys, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and others. At Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, efficient, review and analysis – providing you with winning services while critically defending your bottom-line.
2491 Alluvial #7
Clovis, Ca 93611
Phone: 559-294-7580 or 877-532-5676


Melanie M. Morris, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN, CLNC, TNCC Professional Medical Legal Services, LLC:”We assist attorneys, plaintiff and defense, with:
1. Potential client interviews
2. Obtaining complete medical records and creating a logical, orderly flow of the records necessary/relevant to the issues at hand
3. Writing working summaries, timelines and reports
4. Researching necessary topics, summarizing that research and applying it to the case
5. Assisting with Interrogatories, Requests for Production
6. Discussing deposition questions, preparation of attorney and person being deposed, and evaluation of all depositions in the case.
7. Expert witness location, preparation and liaison
and other individualized services as needed. We also work with insurance companies, law enforcement officials and industry providing services as needed.
PO Box 5371
Fairlawn, Ohio 44334
Phone: 330.245.1100
Fax: 330.245.1100



Ankylosing Spondylitis: Often A Delayed Or Difficult Diagnosis,”The AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) Life Impact Survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the SAA (Spondylitis Association of America). With a goal of learning more about people with ankylosing spondylitis and how the disease impacts their daily lives, Harris surveyed 1,996 adults by mail and 194 online between July 3 and October 4, 2002. The survey respondents claimed they had ankylosing spondylitis and had some contact with the SAA. A second sample group of 194 patients with ankylosing spondylitis were physician-referred.”


Cholecystitis Is Complicated by Delayed Diagnosis, American Academy of Family Physicians:”Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) is now widely used as surgical treatment of acute cholecystitis. In difficult cases, the surgery may require conversion to an open approach, with a consequent rise in morbidity and the rate of complications. Eldar and colleagues studied the factors associated with conversion from LC to open surgery. In particular, they investigated the impact of patient delay in presenting for medical attention and delay in diagnosis on the surgical outcome.”
American Academy of Family Physicians
P.O. Box 11210
Shawnee Mission, KS 66207-1210
Toll free: 800-274-2237
Local: 913-906-6000


TB Diagnosis Delayed in Whites, Women: UK Study,”Delay between the onset of tuberculosis and its diagnosis or treatment is significantly longer in white people compared with black or Asian people, and in women compared with men, British researchers reported recently. “TB is rising at an alarming rate in London, and if it is not diagnosed quickly, patients can develop more severe illness or transmit the disease to other people,” said Dr. Alison Rodger, the study’s lead author. “There have recently been big campaigns of TB awareness amongst ethnic minority groups, but our data suggest that campaigns also need to be targeted at white people, who comprise a third of cases,” she said.”


Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer, The Doctors Company:”The Doctors Company continues to see increases in litigation alleging the failure to diagnose cancer at the earliest opportunity. The potential impact of these suits is substantial.
Three primary factors contribute to this heightened awareness and increased litigation:
Cancer is extraordinarily common in our society. Approximately one in every four Americans will develop cancer, and 60 percent of these cases will prove fatal.
Few other diagnoses provoke the visceral emotional response that cancer does.
There has been a major public emphasis on the critical importance of early detection.”
The Doctors Company
185 Greenwood Road
P.O. Box 2900
Napa, CA 94558-0900
(800) 421-2368


Medical Malpractice Attorney: Delayed Cancer Diagnosis,”One of the most common types of medical malpractice cases is misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer. This is particularly true of breast cancer, which, according to various reports, represents the largest segment of medical malpractice lawsuits in the U.S. One reason for this is the fact that breast cancer is so common relative to other forms of cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in the U.S. and the leading cause of death for women ages 40 to 55. Despite this, many women who develop breast cancer and could be treated are denied the opportunity when physicians negligently fail to diagnose their condition until it is too late. The result of this negligence is often the loss of treatment options and/or the chance of survival. The following are examples of some of the more common acts of negligence by physicians in failing to timely diagnose and/or treat breast cancer.”
(877) LAW-EDGE


Misdiagnosis and medical malpractice: Medical Malpractice,”Misdiagnosis and medical malpractice: Many people assume that medical malpractice is mainly about surgical errors. However, the highest dollar payouts are often related to misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis of a severe medical condition. The top five diseases in terms of dollar payouts include breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, heart attack, and appendicitis. In all these diseases, the typical allegations are misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis by failing to notice the disease or mismanaging the diagnostic testing process. Delayed diagnosis of heart attack or appendicitis can rapidly lead to death, and delay in diagnosing cancer can lead to a much poorer prognosis once the cancer is ultimately discovered.”


Delayed Diagnosis of Primary HIV Infection after Presentation to the Health Care System,”We analyzed 28 patients diagnosed with PHI between 1998 and August 2001 who were enrolled in a clinical trial at Duke University, University of North Carolina, or Emory University. Data collected included patient demographics, where patients first presented, how many times they were seen before PHI was diagnosed, who made the diagnosis of PHI, what other diagnoses/treatments were given, and time from initial presentation to PHI diagnosis.”
Office of the Retrovirus Conference Secretariat
115 South Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
telephone: 703-535-6862
fax: 703-535-6899


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What Exactly is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

“The legal nurse consultant is a licensed registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of healthcare facts and issues and their outcomes for the legal profession, healthcare professions, and others as appropriate. With a strong educational and experiential background, the legal nurse consultant is qualified to assess adherence to standards of healthcare practice as it applies to the nursing and healthcare professions.” American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

“A legal nurse consultant is part of an emerging field of experts used by law firms. In the past, only physicians and other types of experts were considered to assist attorneys with the medical aspects of their cases. Today, a legal nurse consultant provides an affordable alternative for law firms…”
National Institute for Paralegal Arts and Sciences


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This Portion of the Site contains a large Directory of Useful Links. For the Attorney and The Legal Nurse Consultant, Each will find Law and Legal Resources. We will continue to build and add to this directory. Please Stop by frequently to see our new additions.

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